Beaver Safari – evening safari

Address: Hällsjö 108, 726 92 Skultuna Show map

Address: Hällsjö 108, 726 92 Skultuna

Have you ever seen a beaver in the Black River? What do you know about beavers? Join a knowledgeable guide into the fascinating world of the Black River Valley. Together we’ll paddle stealthily by canoe along the Black River into the beaver’s realm.

In the evening the wind drops and the waters become calm. The evening mist swirls over the water and fields and through the trees. A symphony of birdsong, the trumpeting calls of cranes, then a rustling in the reeds…

Now we are still and await the entrance of a beaver! A fascinating animal with natural woodworking skills. The Beaver builds complex structures out of twigs, branches and earth. With an arched back like a fin and its webbed feet the beaver is perfectly adapted to a life in and around the water. The beaver is a a very sociable creature and mates for life.

To go on beaver safari in Svartådalen is a unique experience. The beaver’s return to this region is playing a special part in the Black River Valley’s environment.

Included in the price:
Parking at the farm, canoe & paddles, lifejacket, watertight container and padded seat.
Coffee per person. On arrival you’ll be served real coffee from a copper kettle with delicious biscuits at our jetty. All tastefully presented by lamplight and seated on reindeer skins.
English talking guide.

Canoeing distances:
From Eden’s Garden bridge to the beaver kingdom is approx 30 minutes.
Safari time is about 2½ up to 3 hours.
Note: ability to swim is mandatory!
Small children are provided with a special lifejacket.

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