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Guided experiences

Go on a guided tour of Färnebofjärden National Park.

Photo: Andreas Petersson

Catch the big pike

Nedre Dalälven is an exciting, 200-kilometre fishing area filled with large bays interspersed with rapids and dotted with countless islands.


Experience the tranquility and quiet of the water on a warm summer night.

Nedre Dalälven is like a beautiful summer song. Though one that begins its first crisp notes very early in the spring. When the ice is still covering the water. When jig-fishing is at its best. As the ice begins to melt, the song rises up from the water. As anglers take to boat and dock. As the birds and wildlife begin to join the chorus. Paddling. Adventure. Sunset fishing. Twilight dips in the lake and wandering barefoot through the grass. Feeling the rich colors of autumn infuse the song. Horseback riding, mushroom picking, hiking. Slowing down to a calmer pace, but holding out in the last muffled, but oh-so beautiful tones as autumn fades into winter with its quiet and cozy moments in front of the soothing fireplace.

Experience Nedre Dalälven on your own or with the help of knowledgeable guides. Welcome!