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Our involvement in external bodies
In a typical year, the Nedre Dalälven Collaboration (NeDa) participates in a long series of meetings and investigative groups concerning the development of the region or parts of the region. Among other things, in the contexts described below.
Dalälven Water Protection Association/Dalälven Water Council
The main task of the Dalälven Water Protection Association (Dalälvens vattenvårdsförening, DVVF) is to take responsibility for recipient monitoring throughout the Dalälven catchment areas and estuaries. Its members consist of all municipalities within the catchment area and major industries. The Daläven Water Protection Association has undertaken to be the principal for the Dalälven Water Council (Dalälvens Vattenråd), a consequence of the EU Water Framework Directive. NeDa is on the steering committee of the Council, and NeDa’s CEO Lotta Heimersson serves on the board of directors.
Färnebofjärden National Park
In 2019, we signed a partnership agreement with the Färnebofjärden National Park. We have also planned for joint activities and marketing. One example is the “Outdoor Recreation in the Biosphere” event, in which three hiking activities were held in or near the National Park in autumn 2019 .
Membership in industry organizations
NeDa has been a member of the nature tourism companies association Naturturismföretagen (formerly Ekoturismföreningen) since 2015. Through this membership, we are continuously updated on nature tourism and quality. We are also members of the Swedish fishing tourism companies association Sveriges Fisketurismföretagare (SeFF), the Swedish anglers association Sportfiskarna, and Vista, the branch organization for the hospitality and tourism industry.
Biosphere Network
By participating in meetings and collaborations with the other Swedish Biosphere Reserves, the international biosphere networks NordMAB and EuroMAB, and the Baltic Sea collaboration  Biosphere for Baltic, we enjoy an active knowledge exchange with other Biosphere Reserves.