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Photo: Magnus Pamp

Biosphere Office – Coordinator of the Nedre Dalälven River Landscape Biosphere Reserve
The Nedre Dalälven Collaboration (NeDa) began in 2004 to initiate the idea of forming a Biosphere Reserve in the Nedre Dalälven area. After a feasibility study and solid preparatory work involving municipalities, county councils, organizations, companies, and more, we entered a candidacy period which later resulted in the Nedre Dalälven area being designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the summer of 2011 under the name Nedre Dalälven River Landscape. This was excellent confirmation of the sound development work that has been done in the area over the years and the many good networks and collaborations that exist. The Nedre Dalälven Collaboration (NeDa) has been responsible for the coordination of the Biosphere Reserve ever since. 

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