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Focus area – Sustainable fishing
Despite human intervention in the natural water system over the past 150 years, the Dalälven River is very rich in species. There are more than 30 different fish species in the Dalälven catchment area, the majority of which are found in Nedre Dalälven. 
Cooperation important to restoring natural conditions in the water
There is wide consensus in research and fishery conservation that it is important to restore natural conditions in the water as much as possible. This has also been the starting point in Nedre Dalälven’s fishery conservation project. These efforts are based on close and long-term collaboration with water rights holders and other stakeholders on administrative issues concerning the stocks of fish in the water, and on mapping and removing migration obstacles in everything from small streams to the river. This may involve minor and major measures to clear logging transport routes and prevent the removal of individuals and species valuable to the biotope, but it can also involve also attempting to influence when it comes to disturbances with the increasing short-term regulations surrounding electricity production in the river.  

In collaboration with relevant fishing-waters owners, Country Administrative Boards and power-station owners, we have had great success in recent years in terms of preparations and planning for recreating migration opportunities for migratory fish, including salmon and sea trout in the river, so that they can resume natural reproduction in the river.

Contributes to SDG 14 Life below water and SDG 15 Life on land