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Sights and attractions
Hedemora was founded in 1446, making it Dalarna’s oldest city and the only medieval town in the province. Here, you will find well-preserved wooden houses, a wide variety of services and shopping, and a countryside, known as Bergsmansbygd, filled with historic buildings and sights. 

Husbyringen is well worth a visit. It is a 60-kilometer trail for hiking and cycling, full of nature and cultural attractions in beautiful environments. Along Husbyringen, you can visit a beautiful English-style park in Kloster, which was opened in 2019 after a major restoration.  Another popular destination is Stjärnsund, a well-preserved historical industrial site that has been given new life thanks to the work of local residents.
The Stadssjön nature reserve is an oasis close to the city with a 3.3-kilometer hiking trail that winds through scenic environments. The reserve is wheelchair accessible and suitable for all ages.
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