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Photo: Magnus Pamp

EuroMAB, 1-5 April 2019
The 2019 EuroMAB conference was held in Dublin from Monday evening to Friday lunch, 1-5 April. The conference brought together 220 attendees from over thirty countries, including Canada, the US and Russia in addition to European countries. From Biosphere Reserve Nedre Dalälven River Landscape came Lotta Heimersson, CEO of the Nedre Dalälven Collaboration (NeDa), and Magnus Pamp, Communications Director and Project Manager of the BUS i Biosfären project. Fifteen representatives from the Swedish Biosphere Reserves attended the conference.  

About EuroMAB
EuroMAB is the largest and oldest of the Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB) regional networks. EuroMAB consists of a total of 302 Biosphere Reserves in 36 European countries, the United States and Canada. Meetings of the MAB national committees and Biosphere Reserve Coordinators have been held by EuroMAB every other year since 1986.

Year’s workshops
To get an idea of some of the current issues and work being conducted in the various Biosphere Reserves, you can look over this list of  workshops held at the 2019 conference in Dublin.
Introduction to the EuroMAB collaboration