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MAB Programme in Sweden
The Man and Biosphere Programme in Sweden ensures that the Swedish Biosphere Coordinators meet at least once a year. The MAB Programme in Sweden consists of a National Programme Committee, a Biosphere Council and the seven Biosphere Reserves. There is also a National Project Coordinator for the Biosphere Reserves.
The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency chairs the Programme Committee, which has a directing, decision-making and financing role in the MAB Programme in Sweden. The Programme Committee also handles international coordination between the MAB Programme and other UN programmes/bodies.
The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency hosts the Programme Committee, finances the National Coordinator and supports the Biosphere Reserves through grants. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency also serves as a hub in the international network, with the role of facilitating cooperation.
The Biosphere Council is the executive body, tasked with supporting and facilitating projects in both the Biosphere Reserves and in the Biosphere Reserve candidate areas.

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