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Beekeeper for a while

Try your hand at beekeeping! In our apiary (bee house), you’ll get to see life in a beehive up close, follow a beekeeper through our daily chores and learn more about the crucial role bees have in all of our lives. At the end of your beekeeping experience, you’ll get to try the honey from our farm’s own bees along with our own homemade goat cheese and our own homemade bread.

  • Organizer:Lars Pers i Fors
  • Product:lokalproducerat
  • Time:Sommarhalvåret
  • Location:Gysinge eller Österfärnebo
  • Travelers:2-3 personer
  • From:750 SEK/vuxen
  • Tel:+46 70 536 6160, +46 70 336 2400

For two hours, you’ll be Robert’s companions in our own apiary. Clothed in full protective equipment, you’ll join him in caring for our bees. Depending on the season of your visit, you’ll get to top up the food in the hives, mark a queen, rate the honey, scrape wax, extract honey, help swarming bees find their way home, or help make the bee communities ready for wintering. Robert will show and tell you about how the bees live, why bees are so important for plant pollination, what honey actually is and what is required of a responsible beekeeper. At the end of your stay, you’ll get to try the honey from our farm’s own bees along with our own homemade goat cheese and freshly baked bread. You’ll also have the chance to buy honey from the farm to take home, to make summer last that little bit longer. This activity is one of many of the Biospherical Experiences you can try out in the Nedre Dalälven Biosphere Reserve. All of these activities are arranged by entrepreneurs who have an extra special passion for sustainable development.

Included: Guided tours in the apiary, with hands-on authentic experiences and a taste of farm-fresh honey, goat cheese and bread.
We provide fully covering protective clothing. If you are allergic to bee stings, please let us know when booking. Payment for the Beekeeper for a While package must be made in advance. Honey, sausage, cheese, and other food products are available for purchase on the farm.

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