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Hållstrands Fisk

About us:

Hållstrands Fisk is a family-owned company located along the southern Bothnian Sea. People have been fishing here since time immemorial. I, Lars-Ivan, am the third-generation of Hållstrand fishermen, and we’ve all hailed from the home port of Hästskär. Spring, with its herring fishing, is our most intensive time of year. I run a small-scale coastal fishing business with very little environmental impact and I always strive for the absolute highest quality in my products. In my shop, you can buy fresh fish such as herring, perch, pike and whitefish. Smoked Baltic herring, pepper salmon, fermented Baltic herring and salted Baltic herring are my specialties. The smokehouse is my second home. During the season, I spend a lot of my waking hours in front of the smokehouse ovens. Smoking Baltic herring is a sensitive process, and if you’re not careful, the entire batch of herring can be lost. One batch of herring takes about six hours to smoke. Before that, the herring needs to marinate in brine for about three hours. Hållstrands Fisk is Sweden’s southernmost salting house. Since 2004, I have produced a very popular high-quality fermented Baltic herring that has received many good reviews. I hope you’ll visit me in Hästskär, where you’ll probably find me either in the boathouse or smokehouse or out on the lake. The shop is staffed from Tuesday–Friday 10am–5pm and on Saturday from 10am–1pm. Other times by appointment.


  • Fri parkering
  • Address:Hästskär 136, 819 61 Skärplinge
  • Tel:+46 705 44 85 56, +46 294 233 19

Award-winning fermented Baltic herring – coastal, small-scale fished and locally produced

Butiken är öppen: tis-fre 10-17, lör 10-13
Butiken är liten, men naggande god.
+46 705 44 85 56, +46 294 233 19 Available