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Kulinariet – a hub for small-scale artisinal food

About us:

In the beautiful and flourishing agricultural district of Stora Skedvi in Dalarna, you will find an old factory where the old and genuine meets the new and modern. There are lots of different businesses here, all with a focus on food and small-scale food crafts. We have a market hall, a crispbread bakery, a restaurant and a small dairy. Together, they create a destination that offers unique and delicious culinary experiences. See, taste, shop, participate, experience and enjoy!


  • Fri parkering
  • Fri wifi
  • Kollektivtrafik
  • Servering
  • Tillgänglighet
  • Address:Landsvägen 38, SE 783 92 Stora Skedvi
  • Tel:+46 225 270 075