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Stjernsund Brygghus

About us:

In an old transformer building in the middle of Stjärnsund, brewers Peter and Per found the perfect venue to realize their dream. The two brewers, both with a past in the steel and metal industry, have always had a great interest in beer, which they have tasted their way through on trips and at dinners. For them, it was all about learning the craft right from the basics and brewing good beer without fuss and complication. This eventually culminated in Stjernsunds Brygghus, a top-class facility that guarantees the beer brewed there maintains its consistent high quality over time. Stjernsunds Brygghus also offers guided tours and beer tasting.


  • Fri parkering
  • Address:Stationsallén 16, SE 776 74 Stjärnsund
  • Tel:+46 70 677 6580, +46 70 210 2032

Tour with beer tasting, Stjernsunds Brygghus

Se hemsidan
+46 70 677 6580, +46 70 210 2032 Available