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Stora Kullen

About us:

For a long time, the Stora Kullen farm was part of Lövstabruk and was dependent on the iron production that took place there. The forest farmers transported coal there and did day work that stretched out the income from their farms. Our farm is located on the southern part of the Hållnäs peninsula just north of Årböle, only 5 kilometers northeast of Lövstabruk as the crow flies. There used to be a small herd of cattle on the farm. Since we took over, it’s goats that take care of the valuable grazing lands. Our small farm is based on goats, our chickens and beekeeping. We have our own dairy where we make different types of cheese and whey. We also make cheese from cow’s milk and sell eggs, meat, cheese and honey. We sell our products mainly via REKO in Tierp municipality and in Gävle, but you’ll also find us at markets sometimes and visitors are welcome to purchase right from the farm upon agreement. We work actively with the restoration of forest pastures and grazing lands with the help of our animals and in collaboration with the Uppland Foundation.


  • Fri parkering
  • Tillgänglighet
  • Address:Kullen 207, SE 819 66 Lövstabruk
  • Tel:+46 73 573 5361

Farmhouse cheeseshop

Efter överenskommelse
Stora Kullen, Hållnäs
+46 73 573 5361 Available